First of all..
I DO NOT and i repeat...
I DO NOT hate people..

but some people just get on my nerves..
and surprisingly..they are no strangers..

It is my piety to respect elders..
even if their actions and behaviors
are so much comparable to that of a 15 years old
it is my obligation to not talk back to the elderlies
I have to keep my fing mouth shut
and let them do whateva the hell they wanted
because why!?
because I live under their roof
and I am the youngest
and I suppose to be appriciated of all these
"kindness" they have given to me
Oh so grateful being their family

Unfortunately I was to be sent here...
without live under the roof of these
hatred hypocites..

I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to them
nothing shameful nothing bad nothing hurtful
but it is how I am to be treated

All I wanted was to stay in my little room
with no disturbances
I already give up so much
and now I can't even have a peaceful time
In my own room?!

I have all the dirts that all they do not acknowledge
I can, by a simple move of my lips, let them know the truth
and then destroy them..
but I do not..and I will not..

and this is what I get..
for being protecting for them
to keep my mouth shut for them
and this is what I get
these scorns and hell

I do not care what their behaviors might cause them
I do not care if this is how they live
and I do not resent them for these is none of my bussiness..
I am just an unfortunated person..
who happened to be here

I am thankful for their so-called "cares"
and I am thankful for a supposedly their shelter for me to stay warm
but what I am most thankful for..
is that in two months..
I am OUT of here..

Thank you for all your craps that keep me strong
and thank you for everything..
I am really thankful for these cares and experiences
but I will make sure that fate do not let us meet
under the same roof for a long time
ever again.
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